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Making Sweet Music 

A Sunshine Bay Shops Novel 

Family is at the heart of this heartwarming tale.
Doris is a seasoned store owner ready to embark on her third act, and Robert, her son, is stepping into her shoes to take over the store.
But when Doris sets sail to explore life’s next chapter, Robert finds himself juggling the responsibilities of single parenthood to a lively ten-year-old with his new duties, and planning the upcoming fundraiser – Making Music for a Cause. 
Can Kiran, his new nanny, help him navigate this new tune? 

2023 Releases! 

Something of Note: Shopping for Love in Cataluma



Snowed In With You: A Later in Life Novelette


Repositioning: Lost Love, Found


Sunshine Bay Original Series

Love’s Fresh Start

A lonely widow, a man betrayed by love, and the abandoned cat that brings them together. 

Can this trio find love and belonging, or are they destined to be alone? 

 Come Home to Love

When Susan discovers her husband of thirty-five years has been lying, she no longer trusts him or their life together. 

 Will this couple part for good? Or will they come home to love? 

Angel and the Neville Next Door 

Escaping a messy divorce, Helen just wants to be alone for the holidays so she agrees to cat-sit in Sunshine Bay .

All is well until she meets the neighbours: A lonely divorcee and Neville, a devilish Westie determined to bring them together.


  A Sunshine Bay Duet  

Get two books in one: Love’s Fresh Start and Come Home to Love are now in one place for one price!

The Shops at Sunshine Bay



Christmas Trees and Mistletoe 

Can the magic of the season heal old wounds? 

Kayaks and Kisses

A Sunshine Bay Shops Novelette 

Can a woman who fears adventure and a man who fears being tied down find common ground?