Welcome to the world of Sunshine Bay, a small fictional community on Vancouver Island, just off Canada’s west coast.

Jeanine Lauren writes stories about the women who live there. Women who have lived a few decades and experienced life’s trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations.

IIn her latest book, meet Susan, a woman who has worked hard at her job and her marriage. She and her husband Richard are heading toward their golden years and a much-deserved retirement. At least that’s what the plan was.

But plans have a way of changing, especially when she finds out her husband has been lying to her, her financial future isn’t as secure as she believed, and now Richard is leaving to spend time with his brother in Palm Springs. The same brother who left his wife of three decades to live with a woman half his age!

Susan is left alone to consider a Plan B and Sid Jones, a love from her past, is happy to help her figure out that Plan B.

For Susan, life without Richard doesn’t seem possible at first, but as she discovers more lies, and remembers what it’s like to be noticed by a man, life without Richard starts to look possible. Will Susan and Richard become another gray divorce statistic? Or is there still hope that he will come home to love?

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Angel and the Neville Next Door

Friendship, Love and Second Chances 

Alone for the first time in years, Helen wants nothing more than to leave her house full of memories behind and spend her holiday somewhere where no one knows her or her ex-husband.

When her friend Sylvia calls from Sunshine Bay to ask if she would be a cat-sitter for her cat, Angel, for the holidays, Helen jumps at the chance for a peaceful holiday away from everything she has known.

All is well until she meets the neighbors: Neville, a devilish Westie determined to escape his yard to pursue Angel, and Joe, Neville’s reluctant dog-sitter, who makes Helen’s heart beat a little faster whenever he’s around.



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Come Home to Love

Friendship, Love and Second Chances 

,, Susan has a choice to make: Stay with RIchard whom she no longer trusts or start a life on her own terms. And what about her first love, Sid?

Will Susan strike out on her own, or will Richard come home to love? If you like a sweet romance about the second half of life this one may be for you.



Now in Audiobook and Large Print

Love’s Fresh Start

A Novella Of Second Chances 

Sylvia Tremblay is a widow who is struggling to find a reason to go on when she chances upon an unlikely pair in the local park. Can Jack, a man who has experienced losses of his own, and a tiny cat named Angel help Sylvia find hope? Or even love again?



Welcome to Sunshine Bay