Jeanine Lauren

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Friendship, Love, and Second Chances in the Second Half of Life

Repositioning is now Live! 


Repositioning: Lost Love, Found

Thirty-three years ago, he disappeared from her life, leaving her heartbroken and alone. Now he’s back, and she wants to avoid him, but they are on a cruise ship for the next nineteen days and he wants answers.

Sunshine Bay Series

Love's Fresh Start

A lonely widow, a man betrayed by love, and the abandonned cat that brings them together. Will these lonely souls find love and belonging? Or are they destined to be alone?

Come Home To Love

Should she stay with a man she no longer trusts? Or, after thirty years of marriage should she find a new life on her own terms? And what about the other man?

Angel and the Neville Next Door

Helen is enjoying a quiet holiday away from home until she meets her new neighbours: Neville,a mischievous Westie and Joe, a man who makes her heart beat faster whenever he is around.  

A Sunshine Bay Duet

Love’s Fresh Start and Come Home to Love are available in one convenient duet. The Duet comes out as an ebook, hardcover and large print.  

The Shops at Sunshine Bay

Now available in Large Print and on Kindle   

Christmas Trees and Mistletoe

When her marriage died, she turned her life around, went back to her childhood home to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren, and bought a toy store.

A struggling toy-store that has kept her from her family until she must drop everything to watch over the children near her busiest, critical season.  She is ready to take on the challenge, if only she didn’t have to deal with her daughter’s father-in-law, the man she has spent years trying to forget. 

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