Every story needs a world and so I have created the world of Sunshine Bay.  This community is situated on Vancouver Island in the south-west corner of Canada.  A lot of Canadians retire to this area of Canada where the weather is mild most of the year long. It is a slower pace of life here than in Vancouver, the metropolis across the water, or Victoria, the largest city on the island and a well-known tourist destination.

Sunshine Bay sits at the foot of a mountain which has hiking trails, waterfalls, and other natural wonders. Spread out in front of the small town there is a has mountains with hiking trails to waterfalls and other natural wonders, and behind it and the ocean in front complete with a boardwalk, marina, kayak rentals and long sandy beaches nearby. In the summer residents enjoy barbeques in the park and swim in the local lakes.  In the winter they gather indoors, sing in choirs, tell tales in a local cafe, spend time at the potter’s wheel and develop talents they didn’t know they had.

It isn’t an idyllic world. There are setbacks, trials, illnesses, accidents, and losses just like every other town. But it is a town where people eventually come together. And where often true love blooms.